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µTorrent 1.4.2 beta 435


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except for the funny fact the only torrent 1.41 beta user i've seen on in days doesnt appear as X flagged :P

the beta user wouldn't have sent himself to you in the peerlist. you got the beta user from the tracker, and the X flagged users came from the beta user. to clarify, the X doesn't denote the peer has PEX capabilities, it denotes that YOU received said peer VIA peer exchange. ;)

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Just to let you guys know, my latest RSS auto-download - the SG1 ep16 was done with Protocol Encription set to "forced" .

It just happened that Azureus has also just released their new version - 2.4 that also supports "our" PE... I seems that B 421 was handling well ~ 200 peers as you can see in this screen-shot.


So, now is a good time for guys that are being capped by their ISPs - to try and see if PE really helps them.

I suggest to try first - pref->others->PE-outgoing="forced"

And see if it helps

If not - try also -

pref->others->PE-incoming =disable "allow incoming legacy"

...and report back here... good luck!

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Firon mentioned that it does not default to "enable" PE (for outgoing). It is not clear about incoming. I might upgrade/install the new version and see...


OK, a I understand it - in Azureus it is like this:




Default disabled (unless Enc. requested ) enabled (when requested)

enabled** enabled* (unless Legacy requested) enabled* (when requested)


* by selecting "enable legacy..."

** you can also select either header encryption or full.

You can also specifically NOT allow fall-back-to-legacy for input connections and/or also NOT allow initiating fall-back-legacy outgoing connections


Description here:


So, when I selected "forced PE" - the default Azureus 2.4 client supported my encryptions.

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Yeah, that seemed to cause more connections to be in encrypted mode (in the test we had with ludde, i connected to him after finding him on PEX via silverfire which was already in my peer list, and even though i initiated the connection, and encryption was DISABLED, the connection was in E mode).

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It bears clarification here that if you make an outgoing connection and have E on, then E will be activated.. but if the remote user doesn't have E on, and connects to you, and you have allow legacy on, then there will not be an E.

In case anyone wondered why there is a mix of on and off. I leave mine on E and allow legacy because my port isn't throttled yet in this area, and to help out the folks who are.

I wonder if I had disallow legacy on, would the remote end re-negotiate to include the E.

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about this change... :

- Change: Min autodetected piecesize is now 64k.

...what was the autodetected piecesize before?

Another question, in rafi's screenshot of Azureus,

you can see that you can choose several encryption levels,

so will µTorrent be comptible with all the encryption levels that Azureus have?

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I'm getting an odd behavior with version 422. The speed of my downloading torrent is reported as 40kb/s but the speed in the statusbar in the bottom is reported as 300kb/s which happens to be my max speed. Independent testing with DU Meter says that my full connection of 300kb/s is being used even tho uTorrent is set to limit it to half of that. Pausing the torrent did nothing to stop the traffic either, I had to close uTorrent completely.

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