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µTorrent 1.4.2 beta 435


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Using build 431, number of active downloads has been set to 2. However, it sometime ignores the setting and following 1 or 2 torrents in queue are set to active(download). Have to stop or pause the torrents so they will be changed back to normal.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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Minor problem: When I tried to add a new torrent, I didn't like the folder it was going to save to -- so I clicked the "..." button. Problem was, after I chose the folder I wanted, µTorrent gave me an error saying that filename with extension .mp4.* was not allowed. (The real filename's extension was .mp4 .)

I have to exit the "..." button menu and manually type out the folder before the torrent would work. Oddly, I've tried to duplicate the error on another computer without success. It may just be filename+path length too long, but it wasn't as long as many I've done in the past.

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thx for the "now" very neat hires version and nice style systray symbol. old one looked clumbsy and i really didnt want do

customize it manually. i love to see thinks evolve in a way all feel nice with it. and without asking for it :)

for people like the old symbol better.

go download a thumbnail tool like "microangelo" and extract the symbol. and than put it into the utorrent folder.

but .. what you not like about the new one ? it really looks like a winXP symbol now.

interested :)

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thing is, it may not look so good in non-xp systems :P

Gosh, so much reaction to the slight change in the system tray icon. If it weren't for these posts, I wouldn't have noticed the difference.

like i wouldnt have need to change my post back there if u had'nt pointed it out :P

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also you should note that it says "new". there's also an old easter egg.

For those of us without sleuthing talents, where's the older one? Seems if you do the same thing in an older version, you also get the sound. Is the sound, like the tray icon, subtly different as of build 432?

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