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µTorrent 1.4.2 beta 435


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µTorrent 1.4.2 build 428 (old icons) exe = 145932 B MEM occupied (no torrents) = 4,700 KB

µTorrent 1.4.2 build 434 (new icons) exe = 158147 B MEM occupied (no torrents) = 5,124 KB

Features gained:

- Feature: Reorder RSS favorites

- Feature: If user is running from temporary internet files, prompt to install it.

- Feature: Added popup menu to easily change if the scheduler/dht is enabled.

- Feature: New easter egg

- Feature: RSS Help button

- Feature: Use icons instead of network ok/nat error

- Feature: Auto detect read cache size

- Feature: Language file can be auto updated

- Feature: Keys can be used in main listview to move to the right item

Bytes gained:

exe +12,215 B

MEM occupied +424 KB

Ok, maybe I exaggerated, but I'm afraid Ludde is concentrating on insignificant things instead of implementing one of the most wanted features: proxy support for p2p communication.

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i thought that firon already said it many times... there would not be anymore new features implemented in µTorrent until v1.5 is released, and any new development of features would occer after v1.5. So i think ludde would only update the graphics in the current µTorrent betas and iron out the bugs... anyway, there are more features being implemented then what you posted microuser. just take a look at what is new between 1.4 and 1.4.2 beta 434... so ludde has been busy, and not cencentrating on insignificant things as you suggested. relax, he'll get to it, when he gets to it :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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