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µTorrent 1.4.2 beta 435


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- Fix: [beta] Connected to too many peers. (build 412)

What does this mean?

I was very happy, when it connected to much more peers than before!

Why is that "fixed"?

Is this depends on the connectiuon type? (on 100Mbit it is not a problem to connect to many peers!)

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I have a desktop and a laptop. Both I have configued and forwarded the ports. Both are also allocated a fix ip in my internal WAN. Laptop is wireless and desktop is via network cable. The utorrent at the laptop returns a network ok but the desktop return the UPnP value where the network Ok is supposed to be. Firon, why is that so? Thanks. :D

BTW, I keep getting DHT not allowed with my torrents in my laptop.

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My ISP is throttling p2p. I had tried all options in 'Protocol Encryption' (µTorrent 1.4.1 beta 413) but speed did not change. There were many peers with new µTorrent beta (my friend, who was downloading the same thing at the same time, has told me that torrent was very fast, he has other ISP). My speeds are around 15KB/s with or without 'Protocol Encryption' but when I am downloading from FTP or uploading to FTP my speeds are around 4MB/s. A am active. What is wrong?:(

Thank you.

And sorry for my poor English.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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