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I'm using utorrent 1.4 and I noticed that utorrent wasn't connecting to the DHT so I did some research and toying around. Utorrent does us UPNP and it is opening the TCP port just fine, but it doesn't open UDP on the same port. Once I did this manually on my router the DHT connected right up. Is this something that can be added to utorrent? I'd much rather have it do all this for me automagically rather than me actually having to do work :)

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I was just about to report this as well.

When µTorrent is started up with both UPnP and DHT (service) enabled it workes fine.

When µTorrent is started up without DHT it can punch holes with UPnP fine, and general torrents work fine, but if DHT is enabled later, it attempts to login and then site there with 0 DHT peers.

The change of chode would have to make UPnP recheck/rerun after a change in DHT service.

(of you can make a message box that states you must restart µTorrent for DHT to be enabled when using UPnP, but it would much rater it fixed)

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