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RSS File Renaming for Single / Multi-File Torrents


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Right now, you can see the extended information for an episode as it's formatted on the RSS Feed, especially for sites like TVTorrents (Their feed doesn't officially work; I wrote a PHP script to downconvert the RSS 2.0 to RSS 0.91).

It would make a huge difference to allow Automatic (Favorites-Based) RSS Downloads to be auto-named according to RSS Name, Episode, Format, keeping file extension. Especially because right now, when a file is downloaded from RSS, you're basically stuck with the torrent filename for all eternity, or when seeding completes (whichever is sooner).

The feature would need a regular-expression type (not necessarily RegExp) replacement string to define the output filename. Eg, "scrubs.508.pdtv-lol.avi" would be named, using the pattern "\1 \4x\5 - \2 (\3)" and information from the RSS Feed, as "Scrubs 05x08 - My Big Bird (PDTV).avi". With the pattern "\1\\Season \4\\Episode \5-\2", It would be "Scrubs\Season 05\Episode 08-My Big Bird.avi"

Obviously, if it's a multi-file download, then it should go into a directory with a similarly-defined name. AudioGrabber has a good example of how to implement the naming setup:


With this feature, My PC would truly begin to approach the TiVo's ease-of-use.

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