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Generates errors when several 0-byte files in torrent


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I use µTorrent to, rather slowly but reliably (always maxes out between 600KB/s and 1.2MB/s over 100mbps LAN), move ripped DVD data from my desktop (the ripper) to the various processing computers. I create a torrent out of the folder, use µTorrent as the tracker, and send the torrent to the computers that need to download it.

Tonight I processed a folder and sent it to my laptop to download the data. It started the torrent OK, but about 30 seconds later it stopped and said "Error: The system cannot find the file specified". That usually occurs when I'm restarting a torrent that doesn't exist on that drive anymore, but the files were all there. So I told µTorrent to force a recheck. It completes the recheck, and starts again, and 30 seconds later it came up with the same error.

I compared the folder on the download client to the folder on my desktop and there was one missing file, a 0-byte VOB file (the last 0-byte file in the folder, sorted by alpha). There were 2 or 3 other previous 0-byte VOB files that were written just fine, though.

I created the missing file by creating a new text document and renaming it to the missing file name. Windows didn't complain about any filesystem errors (so apparently µTorrent didn't even try creating the file).

Just wanted to note this bug, and I couldn't find it in search, so I must be a unique case. After all, how many people need to use torrent to transfer 0-byte files?

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Damn me missing this post. :P

The fix-line in the changelog wasn't exactly describing my problem, but it did describe a way that SHOULD fix it, so I guess I'll just have to wait until, ehm... the next time blockbuster sends me a movie to rip... to test to see if I can transfer the files properly. :lol:

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