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Intelligent piece management and peer's irresponsibility


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In this thread I would like to address two issues that BitTorrent protocol faces.

- Peers, who deleting torrent right after they downloaded.

- Prioritized downloading of pieces and availability issues.

The most important factor that shortens each torrent's life is peers which does not want to seed and deleting torrent with ratio < 0.1 not even < 1. Some of them just don't care, some don't want to wast bandwidth(this issue hopefully will be resolved with multicast implementation), but others suffering with disk space shortage.

In my torrent experience, I've downloaded over 488GB data, and my ratio is 1.342 , I have 80GB HDD, but I can only use 20GB of it for sharing. This means after I downloaded a few programs(about 10GB) and a few movies(about 10GB), burn them to disks or watched, which took me day or 2, I have to just wait for about a week or two to be able to delete them with clear conscience and download some more. It gates even more annoying when dealing with closed trackers, when there is only 20-50 seeds, no any peers and when you downloaded just one movie(about 1.5GB) and have to share it for a month, and hope that some peers will come so I can pass them my responsibility.

So we cant disallow people to delete torrents from, but my suggestion is, instead of deleting the files as requested, client could determine the rearrest block(piece/group of pieces), save it and delete all the rest. In theory every block would be available at least once, depending on number of peers and number of blocks.

It can also help in future multicast implementation, peers will just repeatedly rebroadcast the same block and tracker will keep track which peers broadcasting which block and direct new peers' requests.

The mechanism used to determine rearrest block will also help with availability issues when prioritized schema is appalled, such as "download in order" example:

1st,2nd,{start playing movie},rearrest,3rd,rearrest,4th,rearrest,5th,rearrest,6th,rearrest,{if still playing 4th download only rearrests},7th,...

This will also allow real-time movie playing.

I would like to hear if it's a bad idea and why. I'll try to resolve issues in case if they appear.

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