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Errors within Torrent


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Newbie here! Having used torrent for over a week now and I find downloading to be very slow - I persevered. A message has now come up, "Can't open .Torrent file in C:.........................".

I have tried uninstalling torrent and reinstalling but the message is still there. Any help would be appreciated.

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Ok! Thanks - I have now unchecked everything, I unistalled and then reinstalled, so now my downloads will go no where.

I think I need to start from scratch as I appear to be going around in circles, but how do I do that? Do I delete the folder that contained the files and make a clean sweep or is there another suggestion?

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Tried most things now, even tried renaming the folder, but still no joy.

I am not bothered with what I have downloaded it is not important. I am prepared to lose everything but what happens is this:

When I unistall uTorrent via control panel> Add and remove, and then reinstall it, the same message appears, "Can't open uTorrent file".

I have scanned putor for everything, adware, trojan's, spyware, etc, etc.

So how do I completely restart from the begining?

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if u use windows,

try going to %appdata% \Utorrent folder, right click a Utorrent file and open with Utorrent.

if that works,

something might be off track with u'r settings.

either u re-set u'r preferences or delete the setting .dat file as it is posed at DreadWingKnight given link.

other than that what happens, is that Utorrent is configured for a specific folder to atain the files from, when u move the files from that folder to another one (or delete them), Utorrent can't load them to the queue and so gives u a warning.

here what u can do, is either moving the files back to the original folder or else, reconfigure Utorrent to look for them in a different one.

just take this note,

if the files name has been changed, the Utorrent won't be able to reconize it either..

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