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uTorrent crashes/closes while running Counter Strike 1.6


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Yeah, like the subject says - i noticed two times that when i close Non-Steam Counter Strike 1.6 (patch v2.2) after playing for a bit and try to check how my torrents are doing - there's no uTorrent icon next to the clock.

Now - it's not like i've been playing CS for years now, and it happened only two times - i installed CS two days ago, after a couple of years, and i believe uTorrent will crash every single time i run CS and play (will confirm today/tomorrow).

- There's no crash message

- There's no .dmp file anywhere (Program Files, App Settings)

- I'm a very experienced PC user - so there's no trivial mistake i'm making, nor is it something like Scheduler.

Also, it's not like the icon just goes away/hides, because when i run uTorrent again - it acts as if it was right-clicked and closed. It doesn't re-check the torrent consistency by the way.

There. Thought someone would like to know this when the time comes for a new version :)

And i'd like to hear other forum members if they have any experience/thoughts with this.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the hasty reply :) are you suggesting spyware/malware applications? I appreciate the thought, but i'd know if there was anything present. Since i'm well aware of everything i have installed and everything that's run at OS startup.

I just tested CS again, and uTorrent didn't crash. But this time, i ran Counter Strike 1.6 icon, instead of "Non Steam CS 1.6" (you get both icons after applying patch 2.2). I'll run Non Steam later and see if the problem's still there.

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