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Memory leak under wine


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Hi all,

uTorrent version: 1.8.2 build 14458

wine version: same symptoms on both 1.1.15 and 1.1.19.

OS: Debian Etch 4.0 [1.1.15] and Debian Lenny 5.0 [1.1.19] - both show same symptoms

I have had issues lately with uTorrent using absurds amounts of RAM - currently one of the instances I have running is using 1.6 GB of RAM with 209 torrents (with 217 connections, and a further 61 half-open connections). It is presently uploading at less than 300 KB/s and not downloading at all.

It is entirely possible for me to run an instance with below, say, 150 torrents, and it will run for weeks and not use more than 50 MB of RAM - which is fine, and very impressive. However, seemingly anywhere above this mark (roughly - it is impossible to pinpoint), RAM usage starts to become ridiculous. Usually uTorrent just keeps using RAM until eventually the server has to start swapping, then load spikes and uTorrent dies (because Windows couldn't give it any more memory, is the error displayed, if any at all).

However, once the imaginary upper limit on torrents is reached, thats it - even if I close uTorrent, allow it to shutdown fully then start it again, within hours memory usage is already above 100 MB and climbing.

I have tried fully disabling all cache options, thinking this could be the cause of it, however it appears to have no effect (I am trying it again - I am not 100% certain if I shut uTorrent down after changing the settings - I am pretty sure I did but I will try the test again to be 100% sure).

Other than that, there is nothing out of the ordinary, my configuration is pretty standard, no major advanced settings changed (just RSS feed + graceful shutdown).

If anybody could try to help, it'd be much appreciated. Also, I have just installed wine 1.1.20 on my Debian Lenny box, and am trying the no-cache setup under the latest wine - I don't think the new wine version will make a difference, the changelog didn't make it look like there was anything that could be related...

If you need any more details on my environment or for me to try various different things, let me know.

Your replies are eagerly awaited :) Once this is resolved, uTorrent on Linux will be all but perfect :D


Running latest wine with latest uTorrent stable, with caching disabled in uTorrent, overnight resident memory usage grew to 332m (and is still slowly growing).

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