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How to increase my download speed?


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Hi, I am new to the enitre Torrent world, but I have come to notice that the speed jumps alot, and its is very sporadic. Is there a a way can get it to stay at a certain speed, and also is there a way to increase the total speed of the downloads. I am using clearwire-dns.net. When i performed the speed test is said the following:

Download Speed-887Kb/s

Upload Speed-110Kb/s


Like i said, I am really new to the world of Torrents and I have no idea what any of this means, can anyone help me out?

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Note: CLEARWIRE will start PMing you via your preferred service if you 1) download outside overnight hours and 2) set upload to anything decent

Press F1 in uTorrent to read up on the Scheduler. Is there an alternative ISP in your area?? Because clearwire is really for email+web people.

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