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Cant connect properly after swapping out my fios router


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I am a huge fan and heavy user of UTorrent my Verizon Fios router recently died. After instaling the new one that was pretty much identical and following all of the port forwarding steps that I had in the past I receive this at the bottom of Utorrent screen.

! (No incoming connections unless icon turns greencould indicate a network configuration problem)

It still appears to be downloading and even uploading files but extremly slow and I loose and regain connections through out. To test I instaled on a different PC thinking maybe it was a software or firewall issue on that pc. I get the same message on both when I click the test if port is forwarded properly.

An error has occurred!

Port 35123 does not appear to be open.

I dont know what to test on my router priviously it just worked.

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THe IP is dynamic but my router allows me to pick the computer to open the port for by computername so no matter what the IP changes to it always opens the port for that PC.

I also noticed that the DHT was off so I enabled it. It seem to then start working I have never had to configure this option in the past. Am I an idiot does this always need to be on and I just didnt?

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