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Scheduler profiles should include more than just speed


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Currently the scheduler works well, but it only controls speed. For those of us who's IPS's give a limited ammount of traffic per month this means we still have to manage our leeching quite a bit.

In my specific case, I have ADSL2 and am getting a nice 14 mbit, but I only get an 80GB quota, 40 GB from midnight to 6 am and another 40 GB during the day. Now, to make sure I don't exceed my quota I limit my daytime to 30 kbyte/sec and just let the other time go nuts. The problem is that to use the daytime quota properly I really need to drop the number of simultaneous downloads to 2, which means I then have to go to the PC at midnight and then up it to it's usual 8 and then get up at 6 to trottle it down again.

It would be great if you could create multiple schedule profiles and apply them across the day, each profile setting all the settings of the "Torrent Options" tab in the preferences.

If this were implemented I could go for days without having to check uTorrent, expecially with the great RSS support uTorrent has now.

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Indeed !!

A volume based scheduler would be really nice. Now I have to start a torrent and keep monitoring it till I downloaded about as much as I can spare, and then turn it off manually, but it would be so much easier if I could just schedule: "From then till then, run untill max 150MB has been downloaded or endtime reached" or something of that order.

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Also important is the number of upload slots PER torrent -- if Scheduler dumps upload speed from say 40 KB/sec to 20 KB/sec...10 upload slots overall is going to become way too many.

DHT might best be disabled, at least as an option, to conserve more bandwidth.

Even how aggressively µTorrent tries to connect to new peers+seeds might be subject to reduction during Scheduler's limited mode. No need to be trying 8 or more new connections at once if max connections during Scheduler's limited mode is less than about 50-100.

outsidefactor, you said you have 80 GB total per month...how does your upload traffic figure into that?

If it's pretty low, you'd probably want to limit upload speed to closer to 50% your upload max than 80% -- otherwise any upload packet that exceeds your max upload speed will be dropped but probably still counted against your monthly quota!

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Bumping the thread, and adding my full support.

I'll try to sum it up - the new scheduler of my dreams would:

1. include full speed settings time zone(naturally)

2. allow volume based scheduling

3. allow to set more than one limited network time zones (long story.. yes, my ISP is crazy)

4. allow to set upload (seed) only time zones (with possibility of changing network settings for them)

5. allow turn-off nonforced torrents feature - as it is implemented now, but also with possibility of changing network settings for them

6. import to scheduler settings number of connections/upload slots

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im neutral on the feature, but with regards to the upload slots, it would be better for them to be dynamic and based on your upload capacity. you could choose a minimum speed you want every upload slot to have, and µTorrent should automatically create upload slots per torrents so that minimum is reached. Say you have a 40kB upload and you want to have each upload slot have 5kB. if you're running 4 torrents, µTorrent should automatically create 2 upload slots per torrent, but if you're running only 2 torrents, it should automatically create 4 upload slots.

edit: just created a thread about the upload slots - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=6571

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I am also in full support of this feature (in fact, signed up to suggest the same thing, until I found this thread).

In fact, I'm actually a developer (including C++, amongst others) and was searching for a website to describe uTorrent's plugin system, only to find it doesn't have one :(

I very much doubt that they'd go for this, but if offering my help to do the coding for this feature would help, I'd love the opportunity.

My file server is a Celeron 600 and I found that Azureus just maxed out the CPU (not suprisingly, thanks to Java), so I love the efficiency of uTorrent, but I am suprised / disappointed by the lack of plugins...

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