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to many wasted?


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hi there,

just downloaded a file of 700M and after 2 hours (at an astonishing speed of between 170KBps to 195KBps) opened up the client, just to see that only about 20% of it has been downloaded and ~500M of wasted packets were listed at the genral tab.

the Avg. Dl speed was at ~30 and the estimated time wasn't changing so much, actually, it remained at about the same.

after few more hours, the speed remained 180~ while the wasted M has become 1.95 Giga!!!

if u happen to get into these sort of situations, u can simply try & download Peer Guardian which has taken care of the problem, it is blocking IP's of seeders who are known to only poison the swarm.

after that, download speed went down to about the listed average and waisted packets has ceased to come.

just some points to share here with u,

good luck.

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never thought about it actually,

thats a good idea,

never thought that one peer can have multiple IP's..

the problem with PG is that it might block some good IP's that managed to be at the wrong place at the right time..:(

anyway, thats the debate i had for using it, its not that nice blocking some people who might not be poisoning at all..:(

for now,

it has solved the matter and the file has stoped allready,

i'll be checking this next time (and anyway if it'll happen again),

thanks for the advise (though) ;)

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the problem is how u recognize them, understand?

accept from hash failes, Ut doesn't give the option to exclude those poisoners automaticly or even manualy and there seems to be nothing embedded such as

if peer x sends the same data over and over OR sends data that has been sent allready over and over then cancel connection with it.

by the way, thanks for the list i'll put it aside for now, but might use it later on (thats a huge amout of IP's..) (not compared to PG 758 million!!:lol: thats half of the planet!!)

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ANY really tight grouping of 10+ ips is grounds for suspicion.

Look for hash fails on each of them...their tactic is often to only send 16 KB of false data then stall, so many/most will only have 1 hash fail.

Adding their whole ip range to ipfilter.dat is the only viable solution as uTorrent's auto-banning is not great if you're up against 1000's of such poisoners at once. :(

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yes 3 max any 128 packets by default but it seems not to take care of wastes...

look, this download was getting up to 1.96 Giga!!! thats enormous!! compared to the size of the file (700 Mega) and Peer Guardian was enabled for the last 2 hours of it and didn't bring even 1 Mega of wasted to it afterwards!! this is nuts!!

isn't it possible for Ut to be spying about that someway?

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