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Nat Error/Sloooooow Speeds


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Ok. Complex scene over here, I haven't had any troubles before with azerus, abc or any other clients. got utorrent cus it's nice and lite...BUT....it's not working. i start it up and i get nat error comes on about 2 mins later. my torrents go from 0-25kB/s but the higher speeds are short lived, and i am mostly stuck on 0-0.1kb. this seems outta control. now, what i've goin on.

I'm on an xp laptop with a WPC54GS wireless card connecting to 2k box through an ad-hoc network. the 2k box has an actiontec usb wireless adaptor. my cable modem(linksys befcmu10 v3) is connected to the 2k box through ethernet. my isp is adelphia cable here in so cal. No router, firewalls, or anything like that.

i've disabled upnp and dht and tried several ports. right now it's on 50001.

anyone could help i'd much appreciate it.


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