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LAN connection times out


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First of all this is not a problem I have only with µtorrent, it's been happening now and then with every BT client I've used (Bitcomet, Azureus and µtorrent so far) and though I've searched quite a bit for an explanation I still don't see what causes the problem and how to solve it.

Some torrents for some reason make my connection time out. Not only my internet connection, but also the ethernet connection that links the PC to the router.

Bandwidth usage doesn't seem to be the problem, I've seen many torrents time out while using only 20% of the total available with only a couple of peers connected. (I have a steady 1Mb/256Kb adsl connection btw)

I tried turning off the DHT, thinking it might be putting too much strain on the connection, but to no avail...

I tried switching to another modem and ethernet card/cable to make sure it's not a hardware problem but found no change.

The unnerving thing is that when a torrent times out, it will time out over and over until either the download finishes or I terminate it.

Like I said it's not a problem with µtorrent only but I'm quite lost, especially since I've checked and rechecked all firewall/port forwarding settings and other P2P clients like WinMX run just fine...

Btw, I'm running Windows XP Pro SP1a (with the default internet connection firewall set/port forwarded), the router is an SMC barricade 7404BRA and my ethernet chipset is integrated on an nforce2 mainboard.

Any insight appreciated ! Thanks for reading (and replying). :)

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Thanks for your reply.

I checked and both firmware and drivers are up to date and I got the same problem with a friend's modem. (a zyxxel)

Speaking of the router you rang a bell though: could my distance to the DSLAM be a problem ? I hear that I'm at limit distance from it to be eligible for adsl in my area.

If that is the problem, is there a way to fix/attenuate the effects of this ?

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1.) It could be your ISP severing your connection once it detects BitTorrent traffic. There's almost nothing you can do about this except setting peer.lazy_bitfield to *true, use Beta Build 411 which has Packet Encryption (though it only works with other Build 411 users and experimental Azureus builds), or alternatively switch to another ISP which doesn't throttle your downloads. :/

2.) I have no knowledge about ADSL limits and such. Your ISP is probably your best source for that kind of info (since the distance isn't measured linearly, but from how the wires are laid out and such).

3.) Do you happen to use the nVidia firewall with your nForce2 motherboard? If so, you can try uninstalling it and look for improvements in your connectivity.

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I did and the problem still appears.

The curious thing is that it happens only with some torrents, and not particularly the most bandwidth consuming ones...

I checked BT related forums to see if any attempt to poison a torrent in such a way was possible but found nothing, so I guess the problem lays either in my distance to the DSLAM (I'm pretty far from it, other people closer to it get up to 20Mb connections and I only have 1Mb) or some dark self-created and uncharted place in my computer.

Thanks for all the good advices though, this had me check and clean up my HD and that too was quite necessary. :rolleyes:

And as 1c3d0g suggested I'm gonna update to beta 411 of µtorrent right away just in case.

Cheers :)

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Just to let everyone know (maybe it can help some people out there), I figured it out thanks to PeerGuardian and my router's log : Some peers were hitting me with hundreds of connection attempts, making the modem/router time out completely; just the oldest trick in the book...

So I turned off the DMZ and everything went back to normal, no time out whatsoever for the last couple of days, though the router's log indicates the slackers out there still try to get through.

I never thought the DMZ (even well set) could be such a breach; what's the point to using a firewall if you drill a hole right through it ?

I never knew BT was vulnerable to good ol' DoS attacks either, man does that take me years back... :)

Anyway, I hope this can help people who have the same time out problems; just do not set the DMZ under any circumstance !

Thanks for your good advices guys.

Cheers !

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