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Not Connectible?


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I've had nothing but problems using uTorrent on my Mac. On PC, this software was elegant and masterful, I just can't seem to get the Mac version to work for me though. : (

It will sometimes be downloading at what appear to be normal speeds for the torrents in question, and then other times insists it's "Not Connectible". What does this mean? Is there a way to fix this?

-- ISP: Comcast

-- Connection speed: I don't know how to set this on the Mac version.

-- Router make and model: Netgear

-- TCP/IP patch: I don't know what this means. : (

-- Software firewalls: None that I know of.

-- Antivirus software: None that I know of.

-- µTorrent settings: Can't figure out how to set anything up, as the Preferences tab seems pretty limited.

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