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Regarding RSS, problem solved but i appreciate any explanations


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Hi, First of all i'm new to RSS. I first tried it 3 weeks ago in a private site and it worked perfectly (The feed works and the download started automatically)

The second time, i tried to download another episode from the same tv show but from another private site. The feed works but the download didn't start automatically!! Here is a screenshot of the filter


I asked in their forums and they suggested me to choose the quality "All" instead of "HDTV" since the "HDTV" rarely appears in the titles which made sense, So i figured i could untick "Filter matches original name instead of decoded name" thinking that µT would match based on the decoded name that has "HDTV" in it. And the same thing happened, the download didn't start automatically.

Now, the second i selected quality "All" instead of "HDTV", the download started immediately.

So, i came to 3 conclusions, 1- Either i misunderstood the explanation of "Filter matches ..." since it didn't make difference. 2- There might be something wrong with the site since the same filter worked in another private site. 3- Or there is something wrong with me since the guy's suggestion (quality = All) solved the problem.

I'm sorry for asking about something that has already been solved, but i really appreciate if someone could explain what was wrong. Cause i'm not only like solving µT's problems but also like to know how they are solved. Thanks.

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