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Official Thank You thread


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Thanks so much for the developer of the uTorrent client..

For the:

Small client size,

less memory and CPU usage...I'm downloading 2 torrents, yet the memory usage is below 1.5MB and CPU usage is 00%

and importantly, fast..either connecting to tracker or finding the seeds/peers ^_^


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Thanks for developing this awesome BT client. This is the kind of software I like and appreciate: small, lightweight and practical! Everything is perfect to me; the update procedure, the options, GUI, RAM usage, everything. I'm recommending µTorrent to everyone I know that uses BT. Keep up the good work! :D

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Must add my thanks

One of the features that was easy to implement? giving high priority to a particular file in a d/l.

Case in point.

I was looking for one song, and had to download the whole album. There was not 1 seed available, and availitility was @ .92, with 3 peers stuck there.

I went to the file area, where it is brokedown if multiple files, right clicked to give it high priority, and qoila, 3 minutes later, I had THE song I wanted.

I've already turned about 10 people on to this so far.

Keep it light, and keep it strong with the basics!

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Thank you for a great client! I discovered it on another BT board when someone mentioned µT there. It has every major feature I've been looking for. And no more random crashes so far. I didn't select µT as the default BT client when I ran it the first time, but that oversight is going to get corrected soon.

Ok, after using it for about a week, I can easily say that this is the best BT I have used to date. The oversight has been corrected. After exploring the advanced options, I find that this client is even more customizable than I thought for such a small size. Adding a striped list, changing the UL and DL menu displays, and turning on scraping for stopped torrents has made µT the clinent I have been looking for.

I run it on an old Win98SE machine, and I hope support will continue for the older OS.

Thanks again for a fabulous client.

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I use utorrent for a few weeks now and i just find it great!!! and also thanks for your help Ludde to my tiny pbs about getting in onto your forum! :P

i'm a member of a french community that is imposing µtorrent (and azureus yark!) as the only clients of it's site, that means that µtorrent is starting to be quite known cool!

Thanks for your great job and improvements you're implementing into it!(apologizes for some of my words not sure about them :rolleyes:

and thanks to the french translator YASS!!!


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µtorrent is great! Even with a 26K dialup connection I was able to pull in a 111Meg avi off and on over the course of three days. Regardless of the starts, stops, and disconnects, the file played flawlessly first time.

Also, strigeus impressed me by responding immediately to an email I sent asking him(?) to change the email address for my registration. My email server had transitioned to a secure server and I couldn't access my account using my username and password there. It's all sorted out now.

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Great piece of software - well done, a high grade job, easy to use even for computer newbies, but still has all the essential features the more experience person needs. The news is spreading, and the other torrent clients are going to have to buck their ideas up or die ....

Extreme Kudos is due to you :)

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Hi, My name is Roberto from Brazil.

In Brazil, most of computers are slow, because the high price of dollar (cause for desvalorization of the brazilian national money).

I have 2 celeron 500mhz, running utorrent, and i have to say:

Utorrent, is the best, best, best, best torrent client in the world

Fucking bitcomet (HD false system cache motherfucking) and and azureus (the java leecher ram) !!!

Thanks for all developers, who creating, the best option, torrent client and all members of this forum.

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First I used original bittorrent core => hard to manage multiple downloads

Then I tried Azureus with 512M memory => awful

Then I used ABC => more memory and crash problems even when upgrading to 1M memory.

From ABC mailing list I read about µtorrent:

- One small exe => no need to install

- Very very very low memory consumption

- queue system and all other little details I need

=> I AM IN HEAVEN (sorry for shouting ;) )

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This small program is fantastic and from the other side huge if we look at torrent clients category. Its weight is very smaller than for example Azureus, which is contains with java source.

uTorrent is really cool, it has the same options which are in bitcomet or azureus, and the download and upload speed - :-)

You have just to look for new upgrades, 'cos it may be a one of the most wanted torrent clients (BitComet've been banned on some trackers already).

BTW: Sorry 4 my english too, I'm a polish man so I can just make some mistakes.

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Thank you so much µTorrent team!

You just made my bittorrent client dream come true.

Small, quick, ease to use - and with a nice GUI. Actually, you made it better than the one I dreamed of.

I guess I can even postpone buying another RAM memory module. Kill the blue frogs!

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Wow, I cannot say how greatful I am for µtorrent. I like this much more than Azureus!

Thankfully, I found a signature advertising µtorrent at a forum (not sure which one) and said how µ torrent used a low amount of system resources, supports DHT and etc. So I gave it a try, not knowing what to expect. I didn't care much for torrent clients because I always believed that they all have the same purpose, to download files! I know some varies with features, but they aren't important. So I came to the wesbite, clicked download, and waitied for it to finish, which was down nearly instantly (didn't see the downlaod size!) and thought to myself, "This must be corrupt..." And I redownloaded the file, and was amazed again by how fast it downloaded. I then bothered to look at the download size text which said "107 KB" and I was stunned by how small it was.

I "attempted" to install the program, but was greeted with the main GUI and I was pondering, "Did I already install it?" So I attempt to look for an installation folder, and check the file property - which lead to no where except the file itself. So I deleted the file, and redownloaded the file and the samething happened again - a GUI screen.

So I assumed that the file was the whole program, meaning no more crap being installed onto my computer! I download my first file to test out the client. And I was disappointed - at first, I was experiencing terrible dl speeds with the correct ports opened and the "Network OK" text. Not going to get into this part much as I'm getting tried of typing.

So I search the boards for some tips, fixes, and whatever I could get my hands on. I found out that 6881 is a horid port to use since ISP Providers use that port. I applied some tweaks to the advanced options. So I restart and start to download a show with a low number of seeders (~130; I usually download games so I expect 1000+) and amazing the kb/s speed is rising to amazing levels. I usually have 20-50kb/s downloads with Azureus and now, amazingly, I'm getting 145 kb/s!. I was stunned. No matter what file I downloaded with Azureus, I always got around 20 - 60kb/s; so I was shocked. That 145 kb/s download was constant thorughout the download (which took 24 minutes), and I was happy like a Japanese Schoolgirl.

That download speed was my impetus to come and register on this board just to say how great this program is.


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Thank you for this little, great and amazing program :)

First I used Azureus (heavy weight in so many ways, I liked it), then I changed to BitComet for better performance and faster client. Recently I have got an idea to look around for some new clients. THEN I found uTorrent. I quickly like it 'cause it's small, very efficient, fast, has a similiar interface as Azureus, and finally it has everything what I need for torrenting around :)

Keep up the good work and development, and it will be the best client ever made :)


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This is beyond awesome.

It seems to have taken a LOT of ideas from Azureus (for once!), which makes for an UNBELIEVABLY smooth transition from that absolute bloatware that Azureus has become. I run without a swap file, for extreme performance, and with 640mb RAM it's hard to juggle Firefox, Azureus, Windows Media Encoder for my EtiVo server cluster, and Photoshop at the same time. Literally, it just can't be done.

When Azureus knocked out Firefox while I was a µsec away from clicking the "Submit Listing" button, it was the last straw. I had heard of µTorrent before, but I never put any thought into it 'til now.

BitComet can suck my balls. Its stripped down and confusing interface is worthless.

µTorrent checks my files so fast, I can benchmark hard drives with it. With Azureus, CPU usage was always 100% while it checked files (meaning the CPU is the bottleneck, not the HDD performance).

µTorrent is an efficient, TINY (smaller than some driver craplets!) program that packs a serious punch!!! :D

THANK YOU for this EXCELLENT program!!!

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