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Connecting to seeds and peers but does not download.


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I have a problem where when I start utorrent, my downloads start out fine, they go up to around 300 kB/s but then, they just crash down and stay at 10~20 kB/s.

My port is forwarded and I'm connecting to seeds and peers, I connect to about half of them, but, I only download from like 10% of them.

I can see in the peers list that I'm connected to many peers/seeders but I'm only downloading form a few, and all of those range from 0.1~1 kB/s

This is with all torrents I try.


I found the problem.

I got a notice from my internet provider that they where doing a maintenance, so our connection kept disconnecting.

that would explain the DL speed fluctuation.

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Just to verify...have you tried the 2nd link in my signature?

Most people INCORRECTLY try to set uTorrent based on their download speed max, but the speed guide is really needing to know max UPLOAD speed -- which is likely less than 1/4 as fast.

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