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It says I am downloading but nothing happens.


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Alright I've looked far and wide on the internet and can find nothing. Ok. So recently I had to get a new hard drive on my computer and reinstall all of my programs. I had uTorrent installed on my other hard and it worked beautifully, but now I get nothing. So here is the problem I downloaded utorrent and tried to download but nothing happens I get the blue arrow saying its downloading, but I get no download speed. The yellow arrow comes up but there is nothing wrong with the port because I was able to do this on the other hard drive with the same port. I am at college so I can't forward the port and I believe that the school has it automatically forward the port so it doesn't matter. Also on my old hard drive utorrent slowed down nothing, but now it's shit it completely fucks with my internet connection and my computer slowing everything down. I have already turned off the windows firewall and added utorrent as an acceptation on my McAfee firewall with full privileges. I am also getting zero upload speed as well please help me figure out what the fuck is going on Thanks.

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