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Can't Download 0.1 Kb/S speed thought Alot of Seeders and Green Connec


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The Speed doesn't mean its downloading... the 0.1KB isn't downloading its still ETS:FOREVER

I've been having this problem since Friday and i am really sick of it. I've searched for everything.

I tried to Install - reinstall - uninstall U Torrent.

I installed alot of other Peer2Peer Applications (FrostWire - Vuze - LimeWire) None Will Work too...

I Haven't changed anything since friday.. i just went out with my friends leaving the speeds 290Kb/s now its 0.1 :(

Guys i even tried to reinstall windows... still .. the problem is there

I tried to uncheck UPnP . Re Check it..

I Tried to uncheck Port Mapping

I tried to uncheck DHT ...

I Am Downloading ****** with Seeders : 18(669) and peers 46(1242)

I have A Global Max Connection to a torrent set to 350


Please guys whats Wrong

Extra info:

- i have a green connection on port 60000

- sometimes.. maybe for mins of so.. the speed goes up to 290 again. only for 2 or 3 mins

- please ppl before i kill my self :):D

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