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tracker reckonizes the last instance of utorrent and says max conn....


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hi the deal is im downloading a torrent from a private tracker and it keeps getting problems and im pretty sure its utorrent

i had a few problems with tracker status, first off it said the tracker was offline, then it said something about a host, then finally its saying 'connection limit exceeded: you may only leech from 1 location at a time', now the problem there is that i have have 1 torrent running in utorrent and nothing else related to torrents

them 3 errors have appeared seperately, for instance when it was tracker was offline i closed the client then opened it again and got a new error message, the problem is i still have the last error message and nothing seems to be working in terms of me fixin it

and im also assuming these problems can affect my download speed? im still getting dl speed but its not very fast

so i hope this problem is fixed or i get a good reply or ill need to find another client i think which i dont want to have to do tbh.


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If you want the DHT turned off for good just close µtorrent and go to the folder where utorrent stores configuration files and torrents (usually documents and settings\administrator\application data\utorrent on WinXP) and delete dht.dat and dht.dat.old. (these are generated files so µtorrent will create them again if you turn the dht back on).

Then restart µtorrent and enjoy. ;)

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