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Computer freeze after running uTorrent, checked other posts and no ans


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[sOLVED] Hi there, [sOLVED] - Check last post

I've been running uTorrent just fine since i got this computer about 2 months ago. The past few days though I've been having troubles with computer freezing every time i run uTorrent, and only uTorrent.

I've formatted and clocked down again for stability, but nothing helps. The network driver is updated to the same version that kept uTorrent stable before. I never have any firewalls or anti-virus/spyware on my computer as i feel this slows down the computer to quite an extent.

Running Windows 7

SOLVED, check post by Nimflim

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No BSOD or anything else. First all programs stop responding, then soon after the mouse also stops responding. Only option is to restart the computer manually.

I will update to RC, but really there is no difference. It worked fine before with the exact same setup, only thing different is that I swapped my graphics card from PCIe 1 to nr. 2. This because I can't get it to output through DVI, only HDMI for some reason I can't understand. But that's another story.

It's completely clean. I managed to get it to work for 20 mins about, by opening and closing uTorrent before it would freeze my computer, then running it again.

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Ok i found out the problem, uTorrent forums don't let me post 2 times. Probably to prevent people from bumping their own posts all the time...so i made a new one ;)

Anyways, it was the wireless card. Cnet CWP-854(Ralink RT2500 or Rt61) has been nothing but trouble for me, and my troubleshooting led me to uninstalling it all together.

I don't understand why, but what fixed it was uninstalling it. Then re-installing it, without the pesky Ralink utility (just copy the driver from Ralink in Program Files and re-install the driver ONLY). The card is very bugged on vista drivers, but windows 7 gives you an update. This is what ruined it for me the first time, but this time everything works great.

That's the solution! UNINSTALL YOUR DRIVER! I can't believe so much trouble I went with, I ended up trying all torrent programs to see if any were stable. They were not. So only thing left was motherboard and wireless card.

I downgraded my BIOS back to what it came with, but it didn't help.

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