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BitTorrent REQUEST message

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Hi, Everyone

I am a student at Maryland University.

We have a bittorent client project we need to implement in a group of 4 people in 3 weeks. Right now we are having some problems communicating with peers.

We were able to connect to peers and do handshakes. In addition, we received 'bitmask', sent 'interested' and received 'unchoke' messages. Peer we are connected to, is one of us, seeding the whole file (in Transmission. We tested if file can be downloaded using Azerus)

However, we never receive data on 'request' of piece 0 index 0 size 2^14, client does not respond. We checked correctness of our message by sniffing packets in Wireshark and comparing 'request' messages with 'requests' from different clients.

We suspect that we missing something from the protocol, but not sure what exactly.

Please, help students not to fail this class :( !


For our client ID we are using random 20 bytes. Implementation is done in Java

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