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Help would be nice :(


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I just formatted my pc, before my webui was working perfect, now it doesnt

Check List:-

1. Have installed the latest build of utorrent 1.8.2 (15296)

2. Have installed the latest build of Webui

3. Updated my host from no-ip client

4. Enabled Webui interface from the options menu in utorrent (guest activated)

I can access Webui on localhost ( ( "61595 is my port no."

But i cant access it from another PC...everything is ok (installation, configration)


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Awasome, well MTV roadies is a reality show by MTV India...thanks for testing it, so everything is fine ??

That means if i want to test Webui, i can only log in by using localhost ? Is there any possible way i could test it by my ip or no-ip ??

But the logger on my utorrent didnt show any information when u logged in as a guest ?

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A no-ip.com address should (in some cases) work fine if the port is forwarded properly. Because many routers block loopback connections (connections to itself), you may not be able to use the no-ip.com address from behind the router (as Lord Alderaan's image illustrates).

Edit: This post originally contained an explanation of localhost, but after re-reading the thread, I realized you know what it is :S Since I kinda liked the analogy I drew, I'll just leave it here for archival purposes in case I need to use it on someone who doesn't know what it's for :P

"localhost" is a special hostname that each computer uses to identify itself. If you try connecting to localhost on a computer not running µTorrent, it'll try to connect to itself -- not what you want. It's like saying "me" to refer to one's self -- when you say "me," you aren't referring to the same person as another person saying "me," yet you would both be using the same identifier ("me"). That's why you need either the computer's LAN IP address (if you're connecting on the same network), or the WAN IP (if you're connecting across the Internet).
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