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ultra surf = bad proxy? [MOD-added topic name!]


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i am not sure where to post this question because i could not find the section. i am curious on what to do for a friend that is trying to block his isp from finding out that he is downloading. he has recieved his 2nd notice regarding another game he has downloaded. he needs a different program then the one he is currently using. he has tried a more up to date version also.

the program he is using is ultra surf 9.4 it masks his ip address by giving him a different one.

it advertises annonymous surfing but i believe someway his isp (or the company they use) are seeing through the fake ip address.

QUESTION 1: is it possible?

QUESTION 2: what should he do to ensure he does not get a letter and more importantly does not get his internet shut off?

now just for thought: i know another person that does download also and he has verizon. not once has he got a letter.

my friend who has recieved a letter 2 times has cox. now cox says they dont monitor but they have another company do it for them most likley.

please help thanks

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