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Speed went down drastically!! HELP


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I installed Utorrent three days ago, the first 10G downloaded in 2 days, with a rate of 100kB/s, I was amazed, but when it finished downloading one file, speed came down and Im getting 45kB/s top. Anyone knows why this may happen?

The tracker status of some files (from pisexy.net) says: "error 005 - Ratio is too low, seed your way up to be able to downloas again", but those downloads ARE downloading. Althought at a very low speed. Would that be the reason?


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1) Some kind of crimping from the tracker. I've been told that can happen but never experienced it - I use public trackers mostly anyway for that's where all the stuff I want is.

2) It is the torrent. You were lucky and someone with a hell of a lot of bandwidth was linked to you, but now you aren't so lucky. One of a million possibilities possibilities is that Mr. Generous Uploader decided to stash some of the stuff he downloaded onto DVDs to free up HDD space. When he finishes and gets back on, you just didn't have the luck to meet him again. Another possibility: he doesn't have that file you now want, so you can't get anything from him even if you are connected.

Torrents are often a kind of luck thing. Just tonight, I was getting >100KB/s on a weak torrent, but I risked stopping it to restart my computer to Japanese configuration (from English(US)), and now I can't get the guy back and my download is now 7.7KB/s. The moral is - if your connection is doing abnormally great, hang on to it for dear life.

P.S. Wait a second. I just got him back. He's identified as a BitComet 0.56 user, and is contributing 60KB/s+ to me. Darn, it just busted 200 and he's giving almost all of it now... I just turned off Low CPU and blasted my Write Queue up to 32768...

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