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Android G1 as Router/Modem


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Hi all, I have an issue with utorrent. I have tried all configurations, and all disabling possible.

I get the red circle icon on the status bar at the bottom of the program. Sometimes it goes to yellow triangle, and others to red circle, downloading speeds are slow.. no more than 15kbs, and some files don't even download to completion anymore, when it used to work up to 350kbs more less.

I have vista x32 and utorrent 1.8.3. beta

UPnP disabled

Randomize Port Unchecked

net.max_halfopen 8

download speed test 752kbs (on 3G)

upload speed 186kbs (on 3G)

I am running 2GB of ram, no other programs open but Firefox

Firewall Disabled

Security Uninstalled *anti-spy ware, anti-virus

No norton, No AVG,

I have recently updated vista and upgraded to IE8,

I reseted settings.dat - settings.dat.old (with client closed)

and all kinds of tweaks from videos and so-on

at this moment all settings are default as the program is first installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. or if there is a program that can check what other program maybe interfiering with my ports and utorrent. there's a bunch of stuff on the task manager running I don't even know what it does. or the problem may be my connection since I am a T-mobile user and my modem/router is my G1.

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