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Problems as Initial Seed


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Hey All,

Recently doing some ups and having connection problems to peers. They won't!

If I change to super-seed they connect and drop off (probably exchanging piece info). In logger its the Disconnect Peer EOF msg.

Az is working fine with same torrent seeded.

Any ideas as to what/where I should look??


edit sry ver 141b411 and saw same in b406

More Notes:

UPnP is disabled. Forwarded correctly. Downloaded seed fine! Only on Initial Seed.

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Yeah thats a gimme for me and run through settings to dble chk after new rel dled.

I have disabled router and sw(closed) FWs and still no conns. Msg I get from FW when running is "packet to closed port"!

Dled torrents connect up fine to seed. Just MY ups (initial seed).

Az works fine!

The only thing I really do diff than most (maybe) is that I don't use UPnP. Totally disabled!

DHT is disabled.



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