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Specifically, I can't connect to demonoid.


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Ever since yesterday, I've been unable to get on Demonoid. As of right now, I'm using a proxy to get on it.

My internet is working, and any other site is also working. I've tried restarting my router once already so I don't think that's the problem.

Also, I can't download anything from Demonoid because in BitTorrent it doesn't connect to the demonoid tracker.

It says "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."

I have no idea why this would happen, but it's really bugging me because I thrive on Demonoid, it's the best place to find what i'm looking for.

As I said the only way for me to get on here was with a proxy. And I don't think it's my IP adress or anything because

I also connected to my neighbors wifi and tried to get on Demonoid with no success. I'm so confused with this.

HELP?? Thanks.

No spyware/virus. My comp's clean, I'm positive.

This doesn't seem like a bittorrent problem, but I didn't know where else to come. Does anyone have any ideas?

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