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Connection Suddenly Drops


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Best to illustrate what I want to say:


My download and upload suddenly falls and drops to nothing. Msn will stop working, can no longer access the internet. This happens anytime. Sometimes I get a whole hour of good solid downloading/uploading before this happens, sometimes instantly as soon as i open utorrent.

I have portforwarded, firewall exceptioned, and it can't be the number of torrents I'm connected to since it works fine until suddenly this mysterious problem comes in.

When I log on to msn and try troubleshoot, it says something is wrong with my Key Ports. But they are portforwarded? Totally confused ><'' I've had this problem for some time. Just to say that going on the forums is my last resort and I have read all the FAQ's etc etc

Thankyou so so so much for your help in advance!!! ^^

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