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Q's about VPN as privacy and download boost


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Is it true VPN protects your privacy, and does it help boost download speed?

I've tried setting it up in my system but it doesn't seem to work to boost me in any way.

I have also read that it's one way to keep your ISP from throttling or reporting your torrents to the P2P police.

Is this true?

And if all of this is true, can someone please help me set my stuff up so I can partake? I'd love the D/L speeds I'm hearing are possible. And I'm sure everyone else would love the U/L speed I could achieve with broadband.

Any help here would be appreciated.

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VPNs are an additional level of obscurity between you and any monitoring agencies which might want to harvest your connection information and forward it to parties which don't like you downloading data.

If anything VPNs might lower your speed, as you are relying on their connections. Surely most of them these days are multi-homed on Gig, or even 10-Gig backbone links, but the fact remains if they go down you are stuck back with your home connection.

Set it up yourself, this is the uTorrent client support forum. There is a proxy pane where you can set the information up. You could also search, too.

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