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Error: Access denied


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I had some torrent files on Windows XP that were about halfway completed and I backed them up on a USB stick and installed Windows 7 RC.

After setting up uTorrent, putting files back on hard drive & forcing re-check, I let the torrent start downloading.

Everytime uTorrent completes a whole piece, it pops up with Error: Access denied and stops downloading the torrent. I changed ownership of all the files to my user and it still does this.

However, a new torrent that I got seems to have no problems writing/reading to the files.

I don't know if this is a general Vista/Windows 7 ownership issue, but I would appreciate some help in solving this.

Solved: Running uTorrent as administrator removes all issues. But is that the only solution to this kind of issue?

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Programs aren't allowed to write to certain folders on Vista without admin privileges. Are both the old and new torrents in the same place?

You could try changing the permissions on the file as well to match those for the newer files, in case there's a discrepancy.

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