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"Connection status unavailable" Macbook OS 10.5.6


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Hey dudes - Just got a new Macbook, had previously used Limewire but wanted to try utorrent. The program downloaded fine, I used it to open a torrent, and...nothing.

"Activity: Downloading, 0 of 422 seeds, 0 of 69 peers"

I've poked around in Preferences, and noticed that under "Network" it says "Connection status unavailable" - the light is gray.

I added uTorrent to "allow incoming connections" on my firewall. I've randomized my port. I deleted my settings. I'm not using PPC. I'm running out of ideas. Help?

UPDATE: After deleting my settings AGAIN and removing all limits, it's started downloading - but my light has gone from gray to orange, "No incoming connections" / "There may be a problem with your network configuration." Is it possible that there are no incoming connections because I don't have anything to seed? (Again, brand-new Macbook, this is the first file I'm downloading.) Now that I've got it even somewhat working I'm very reluctant to mess with network configs - any advice?

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