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Transferring settings/torrents from existing XP to new Win7 Install


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I've been holding out with XP for a while now, having never made the switch to Vista for various reasons. I've been using the Windows 7 beta for a few weeks now and I'm planning to upgrade when it goes live since it looks like XP support is finally getting the axe and Windows 7 runs better on my aging hardware than Vista could ever hope to.

The problem is that I've got a lot of torrents. 1726 of them, in fact. And I'm having some trouble getting them transferred to utorrent in Win7.

In XP the .torrent files and .dat files are all saved here: Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\uTorrent

In Win7 it's saving these files here: Users\<my name>\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent

There's another utorrent folder in AppData\Local but it's empty and copying the files there has no effect at all.

However, when I copy the files from the XP directory to the Windows 7 directory and fire up uTorrent, it instead launches uTorrent setup as if it was never installed to begin with.

A small portion of the torrents could be imported effectively by having uTorrent load all torrents from a directory and automatically save to a default directory, however many of these for example are music sorted into folders by artist and I'll be damned if I'm going to tell it where to find them one at a time.

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