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Sometimes Veeeery sllow Download


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Hello Folks,

maybe someone of you can exlain this Phaenomen:

I have a DSL 6000 Line. Mostly I download very fast (around 250 kBytes/Sec). But sometimes the Client won't rise the speed. I allways keep my Upload speed around 15% under my maximum upload Speed. At the moment I'm connected to 81 Seeds. My client gets only 0.1 or 0.2 KBytes/sec FOM EVERYBODY, 9,5 KYtes/Sec for maximum. I can't believe that ALL of them limited their Donloadrate such drastically. Is there anybody who can tell me what to do? Btw, my router can hold 1024 Connections and I limited mµtorrent connections to 512

Regards, Passi

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