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torrents only upload while downloading


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ive been having this problem for about the last week or so.

my utorrent will only upload while a torrent is being downloaded

and as soon as it is finished the upload stops

and it won't upload at all

my ratio was .429 on a 700mb file

that was as soon as the download finished

that was last night

left my pc on all night

the ratio is still .429

ive been looking all over the net for an answer, but i dont seem to find one

and my isp is not listed on the ones that throttle bittorrent traffic

could it be because they havent recieved a payment yet?

or would they just shut off my internet completely?

any and all help will be GREATLY appreciated.

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If you're on the internet, they didn't cut you off.

If you can always download, they didn't cut you off. Can you try running an upload, and then download http://slackware.com/torrents/ to test? Run it a couple minutes without slackware, then pause everything for a couple minutes (this is so you can see it in the Speed tab) and then start again with downloading. If you have a quota/metered connection set the download to something low. You could also use another torrent to test with downloading, but be aware it won't be as clear cut because sometimes hardware ISPs employ to shape/throttle/interrupt connections for bittorrent or other means are based upon behavior patterns and these patterns can be based upon usage or datatyping (encrypted traffic). What ISP are you on? What are your settings for uT's Connection pane with encryption and upload speed?

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I have a similar problem. I just switched from a cable to a DSL connection. It's 10Mb/s download and 1Mb/s upload.

At first everything was slow (unlike my previous cable 6MB/s connection), but after reviewing several forums, I switched to uTorrent 1.9beta and things appeared to be OK. (I had already opened ports on my router and set a fixed IP). As I use a prived tracker, my downloads speeds reach 1.1MB/s often.

My upload speed reaches 110kB/s when I'm downloading a torrent, especially on the torrent being downloaded (but they all increase speeds). When I'm only seeding my upload rates stay really slow, hardly reaching 30kB/s, usualy arround 10-15kB/s. Anytime, day and night. Can this be Traffic Shaping? Is there anything else I can do?

(I have protocol encryption on and DHT, NAT, UPnP, .... all disabled. I have opened ports on windows and set the halfopen whatever to 50)

Can anyone shed some light?

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