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is it possible to get the port number issue stable in the next release as it was perfect in - this is the only issue i have with this release.

if i have the mac sleep or just close off utorrent for more than 5-10 mins the port resets back to 0 and then i have to close it off and reopen utorrent to get a port number to stick and then it is not one of my choosing......

but once it has settled and i have reset my router rules all is good

BUT it is a pain to have to do this everyday when i sleep the mac

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uhm, I had same problem...

if you saved your torrents, yo only have to run thoses terminal

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/uTorrent/*dat*rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.bittorrent.uTorrent.plist

load again your torrents... this will resume your torrents

this is expaned in troubleshooting forum =)

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@azmirsomi: The same way you install any other mac app.

@ignas2526: Both of the samples are caused by the same bug.

@mafidufa: There's a possibility. However, speculation on my part says "No", since 10.6 is due out soon, and 10.4 lacks API changes and updates that are found in 10.5 or 10.6.

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You mean create your own torrent? It's coming. Eventual parity with the Windows client is planned. In the meantime, just use Transmission. It works well for that.

Now, labels would be huge! Any idea how soon a new release is coming? It's impossible to organize your torrents now and it gets tough when you're seeing 50+.

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