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Hi, I'm having some trouble with the utorrent beta. By the way, I think it's brilliant that a version for mac has finally come out, and really like the program. Keep up all the good work. Anyway, my problem lies with computer crashes when turning my tv from tv mode to Hdmi mode - i've got a samsung HDTV which I use as a second monitor, for watching movies on and other things. What happens, is when I've been watching the TV and I then switch it over to use the second display, both screens go blue, which I would expect, but then the primary screen will go back to the desktop, but nothing will be clickabble, and the wheel will spin and spin. The TV screen just goes completely black and does nothing. The odd thing is that this only happens when i'm running utorrent. if I switch over to my second screen 50% of the time I will get this issue and will have to hard reset the computer. if I don't have utorrent runnning, I don't have a problem.

I hope this helps sort out whatever bug is causing this problem, feel free to ask me to submit any details if i can help.


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Hi, I am a new iMac user, and would like to know what you use to create a new torrent file. I've used the WinXP version of uTorrent, with no problems. I am patiently waiting for the "create a new torrent" feature in the Mac version... (hopefully soon) Thanks in advance!


24" iMac  2,93GHz Intel Core2Duo  4 GB DDR3 RAM  640 GB HDD  nVidia GT120 256MB DDR3 RAM  SuperDrive  Mac OS X 10.5.7 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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