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1.8.2 Won't RESUME transfers properly! Please provide 1.8.1 again!


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When trying to resume a download in 1.8.2, uTorrent does NOT go through the process of checking the file and then resuming, it just starts showing that it is downloading the file again from the start.

However, even though the progress bar "works", it doesn't download anything at all. The incomplete file from the previous session is not changed at all and there are no new files being created by uTorrent. Also, in some cases, resuming with 1.8.2 freezes up the entire computer making it nearly impossible to recover without just powering down.

Well, I found uTorrent 1.8.1 on my external hard drive.... and everything is once again working properly. v1.8.2 should be removed from the download page and should be replaced with v1.8.1 until a new versions fixes the bugs created in v1.8.2.

I've "upgraded" to v1.8.2 three times on my main machine, two times on my notebook, and a friend has upgraded to it two times. In EVERY CASE, v1.8.2 acts this way and v1.8.1 works flawlessly!


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As DWKnight says, where are you saving to? Did you change the default location uT runs from? You used http://live.sysinternals.com/tools/procexp.exe to look at the process(es) of uTorrent? If you wanted to create a logfile (Ctrl-D to switch to DLL mode, select utorrent.exe, Ctrl-S to save it) and post it someone may be able to help you understand what's going on. You don't need to keep uT running very long at all if you're worried about yet another lockup.

When's the last time you ran a rootkit/malware/trojan check?

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