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Windows Explorer crashes when I go to the Download folder


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I have a brand new computer and about 2 days ago, something happened that wiped out all my downloads in Utorrent. Since then, I have big problems when I go to the download folder: Windows explorer stops and the postmortem debugger crashes too, which means I have to reboot or re start explorer, but the problem persists.

Related question: now I have a folder with half downloaded files. How can start them again on another computer after I copy them in the downloads folder?

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


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Sounds like you got an incomplete / corrupted video which, when in anything but Details mode, Explorer tries to render. You can use the workaround in 3rd case of http://utorrent.com/faq/incompatible-software/#faq4

What kinds of operations happened when your data became missing from your download folder?

Half downloaded files are loaded the same as complete ones, rather-- you tell uT you want to start the .TORRENT WITH the half-downloaded file.

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