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Availability in red and it doesn´t download ANYTHING!


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Hey, I apologize if this problem was in another post, but I´ve spent the last hour trying to find it and could´t.

My PC is new, has Windows Vista. I installed Bit Torrent like a month ago and was working perfectly but then a couple of days ago canpt download anyhing. The Availability bar sets on red and nothing nothing happens.

Today I uninstalled Bit Torrent and dowloaded U torrent and the same thing happens

I´ve done and checked all the configuration things that are on the Users Guide, I have NOD32 but already set it to exclude Utorrent and Bit torrent. I have windows firewall but Utorrent is excluded also.

Please, I don´t know what else to do...


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Are you sure the torrent works? RED means there is no data available from peers. Do you have the same problem with http://slackware.com/torrents/ ? You can start it, and stop after a minute, those peers are always on and seed fast. :/ If that's the case, the slackware works and your others don't, check out the Trackers tab, what does it say under Status there?

It's good you checked the NOD exception and Windows Firewall. That means we rule out many of the steps in between "i came here with a problem" and "I tried everything under the sun and I'm about to throw my computer out the window" :P

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