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After fiddling with a number of other clients, µTorrent is my current pick of the litter. I've tried most of the others, including G3, Azureus, BitLord, BitComet, and BitTorrent. I seem to get consistently 1) more productive peers, and 2) overall faster downloads, 3) no BSOD problems.

That's comparing downloads of the same torrent with different clients, at the same time and stand alone, same multiple torrents, and a mixed bag of general comparisons run at all times of the day and over differing periods of time.

One thing I've noticed about µTorrent that I did NOT see with other clients is puzzling. When I limit the upload to 30/20/10, the download speeds improve. I can understand the basic concept of more traffic will slow things down, but that does not happen with other clients.

Can anyone enlighten me?

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Oops, sorry, I thought I read the rules before posting, and I can't figure out which one I've broken. Please let me know, or is that a default signature at the bottom of your reply?


No, ~75% slows things down significantly. I have a 512kb download and 256kb up pipe. With upload at 10kB, I see about 400kb down speeds. (I have a internet radio client that chews up about 100kb, so it's almost maxed out). With upload at 200kb (200/256 = 78%), I see downloads around 250kb instead of 400.

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