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Only with my latest iteration of the translation did I find a good tool for doing this: I'm using PSPad, a freeware editor.

I open my German file and use 'Tools/Text Differences/Text Diff with this file' and open the Template file.

Now you have to make sure every string has the nice zebra-pattern: The original English string should match my file and the line below is my translation and the '?'.

If you see two marked green lines or red lines, you need to modify:

Copy the missing part from the template and double click on an existing line in the Translation, which takes you to that section to edit the file.

After saving you go back to the comparison and hit the refresh/recycle symbol and proceed.

Hope that helps, or you even have something better ;)

Let me know!


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Er, I don't wanna stop the game of naming your favourite editor..... :shock:

But could you at least post a link and name a few reasons, why it is so good? ;)

Also for me it's important if it is Freeware or Shareware...

I used to have UltraEdit registered, but since they want money for every major release and I found that PSPad has all the features I need (Block editing, File Comparing, DOS/Unix File conversion, Unicode support, Macros, ...).



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In another thread SledgeDG recommended

ExamDiff - a very cool program where you can edit directly in the Diff! (only in the registered version)

Tonight I'll check this out:


It's a free Linux Transalation Software, has just been released and requires PostgreSQL. I'm not sure if it's really helpful for our mode of tranlation here, but I'll let you know ;)

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