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Proxy Server with uTorrent 1.8.2


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I have an ISA server 2004 that is set up as a SOCKS 4 Proxy. My torrents are able to download if the torrent has a list of clients. Yet, when I add a new torrent, DHT sits there at 0 or login, but the strangest thing of all is I have a green check. Also, the new torrent will not even start to download, but a torrent I had before I made some network changes loads...please help I am about to pull my hair out over this. I am pretty well versed in technology (it is actually my ISA server) so if you feel the need to say TCP/IP stack, I understand haha.

****Further Information****

I have researched this further and discovered it appears to be an issue with the initial connection to the swarm. For all new torrents added the swarm will stay at zero, but that torrent that had swarm information already loaded will get download speeds of upwards to 600kbps and function properly. I hope this helps!

****Further Further Information****

It appears the problem lies in the proxy. If I change over to an http proxy everything works just fine, but downloads do not function, but if I change to SOCKS 4 again and set to resolve host names through the proxy server, I get this:

Proxy Error: Bad Socks4 reply 2


The issue is regarding ISA 2004 and the SOCKS4 configuration. I discovered this:


Which essentially states SOCKS4 will NOT resolve names through the server. Which explains why if I switch back to HTTP proxy, everything works. Now here is the dilemma, in order for me to be able to download things AND resolve hostnames through the ISA server, it appears I need two SEPARATE proxy settings. The SOCKS4 for the data and the HTTP for the name resolution. The only other option would be to somehow figure out how to set ISA 2004 to allow data, because the data works superbly through the SOCKS4, but the tracker information does nothing.

Any assistance will be appreciated.


I have discovered the solution. I simply unchecked the resolve hostnames through the proxy AND I MANUALLY set my Gateway and DNS (instead of using the proxy). This allowed the server to manually resolve hostnames using the SecureNAT provided by ISA 2004. I left the SOCKS4 configuration though, because it appears to give me AWESOME data speeds. Everything is working like a charm and I hope these steps can help others in need!


uTorrent rocks btw!

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