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20MB Fiber Connection and Speeds


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I need some assistance from a real person, following the hundreds of preset guides scattered around the web hasn't helped much. The maximum speeds i achieved were around 500kb.

I know my connection is capable of a lot more, i just need to optimise it. Its like a malnourished african child, with some good care it can be its best. I want to break the 1000kb mark.

What should i set the following options to in your opinion?

* Global Maximum Number of Connections

* Maximum Connected Peers Per Torrent

* Right now my Max Half-Open TCP is set to 250, is this OK?

All other settings are fine such as download and upload speed.

Thanks in Advance


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"Right now my Max Half-Open TCP is set to 250, is this OK?"

No, best to lower that back to default of 8 for testing...

I need to confirm the settings are ok.

So what settings are you using?

And what's the measured speeds of your line?

Are you trying to seed predominately or only private torrents?

Are you firewalled in uTorrent?

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I just downloaded open office from their site, with some decent trackers and seeds i managed a whopping 1.8mb/s.


Each seed was giving around 100-200kb each, in public torrents i barely got 10kb from them.

So i guess my problem was finding quality torrents.

Im gonna try my best to get into a private tracker.



Just reached 900kb, this peer was giving most of it.

Without him though speeds are pretty pathetic.

After about 5mins the speed dropped to 300kb.


In my peers tab there are loads of peers, only about 15 seeds.

Most arent even showing a down speed.

What does this mean?

Excuse the retard paint job.




Yeah i wasnt sure on the max open tcp, some say it doesnt improve torrents at all, but other sources like TorrentFreak said it was better to increase it from 10.

When i was acheiving my speeds of 500kb, i found that Windows update reset it to 10, so it doesnt affect my speeds at all.

Advertised speed = 20mb down / 700kb up

I tried following the speed guide in uTorrent, as well as the one in your sig but both slowed down torrents massively, i reverted back to my current settings which are:

Max upload - 60kb

Max download - 2000kb (i can reach 2300 in ftp downloads so i set it a little lower)

Global max connections - 2000

Peers Per torrent - 300

Max upload slots - 5

Max active torrents - 15

Max downloads active - 5

Encryption enabled, ports forwarded, Norton firewall allows TCP and UDP connections.

Always try on public torrents with around 3000 seeds.


But i would like to reach much higher speeds with some help.

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You don't seem to have a fiber optic line. :(

Instead you seem to be on blue yonder cable ISP in the UK.

They almost certainly use coaxial electrical wire. (probably copper but possibly even worse aluminum!)

Regardless of connection type, you've allowed way too many upload slots if half of your torrents are active.

Global and per-torrent connection max is likewise far too high.

In the 2nd link of my signature, your line would correspond to 700 kilobit/sec upload settings.

But if you want 5 downloading torrents at once instead of 3, that's no problem. :)

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You're screwed. :(

On top of Virgin recently implementing BitTorrent disrupting/throttling DPI hardware, they're data-mining their customers.


"Berkett was clear...part of a broader strategy to "monetise the intelligence" in the Virgin Media network". And worse: "....said the firm intends to lead the ISP industry in new network services that exploit customer data"

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Yeah i know, BT decided Phorm was a good idea, stirred up lots of trouble and major ISP's in UK all said it sounded like a good idea. Virgin Media being an avid supporter of this crap.

Not all bad though.

The Phorm thing which monitors browsing to display relevant ads is supposed to not track personal stuff (yeah right) and you can opt out.

Smaller ISP's in UK have even stated that this is some shady stuff and said no to it.

And if it comes down to it, i will switch my ISP within a second.


This is gold

The amount of hate generated to Phorm is brilliant, as should be.

3 big security companies slated it as malware, was called illegal, BT did some secret illegal testing, government insisited it had to be opt-in only.


^^ I dont think it will be much trouble, now its reputation has gone down the toilet.

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