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uTorrent 1.8 dumps peers

Anna 9Born

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I noticed this a little while back; Maybe some of you have noticed it. I tried searching the forums but couldnt find any topics on the matter.

The thing is, when a tracker goes offline (for example maintenance) or becomes unreachable due to 403 and the download goes "red"; uTorrent 1.8 also removes all the seed/leechers it was connected to instantly.

Why does it do this? Download times are longer when uTorrent refuses to download/upload. And i am using open trackers mostly.

I had to switch back to 1.6.1 for this reason. In this version there is no problem with that scenario. Is there any chance this will be fixed soon? Or is there another solution?



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No internet security software active on the pc i'm using atm. But therein lies not the problem.

I did a test with both 1.6.1 and 1.8.2 by replacing the working tracker with a tracker that's offline. While utorrent 1.6 cant find any new peers (becaus there arent any), it does not remove the peers it already has a connection with. However, utorrent 1.8 cant find new peers but it also removes the peers it already has a connection with. And this is not improvement over the older version in my humble opinion.

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