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Connection problem after update to ver. 1.8.2


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I had uTorrent 1.8.1 working (under Win XP SP2), with slow download / upload rates (in the range 5-10KB/s), as usual because of the ISP throttling at this time of the day, but steady. Then, I have selected "Help > Check for Updates" for upgrading to ver. 1.8.2. Few seconds later uTorrent closed, and when I have launched it again it was 1.8.2 as expected (I have upgraded uTorrent many times this way, without any problem).

But then download / upload traffic no longer recovered their previous rates. Rather, along the last two hours, they became almost vanishing but for exceptional periods of a few seconds (reaching 1KB/s or so)

May be just chance that the the throttling turned out stronger at the same time of the upgrade, but sounds a bit unlikely. Indeed, no other change occurred on this side.

Any idea? What additional information would be useful to diagnose this issue?

Assuming that it could be relevant, I am pasting below a sample piece of log, taken at random, showing some error messages.

Regards, Alejandro


[2009-05-10 21:26:51] Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)

[2009-05-10 21:26:51] Connecting: source: THX

[2009-05-10 21:26:54] Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)

[2009-05-10 21:26:54] Connecting: source: T

[2009-05-10 21:26:56] Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)

[2009-05-10 21:26:56] Disconnect: Peer error: No se ha podido establecer conexión ya que el equipo de destino ha denegado activamente dicha conexión.

[2009-05-10 21:26:56] Connecting: source: THX

[2009-05-10 21:26:56] Connecting: source: THX

[2009-05-10 21:26:57] Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)

[2009-05-10 21:26:57] Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)

[2009-05-10 21:26:57] Connecting: source: THX

[2009-05-10 21:26:57] Connecting: source: X

[2009-05-10 21:26:59] [libTorrent 0.12.2 (55.1)]: Disconnect: Connection closed

[2009-05-10 21:27:01] [µTorrent 1.8.1 (55.1)]: Disconnect: Timeout due to inactivity

[2009-05-10 21:27:02] Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)

[2009-05-10 21:27:02] Connecting: source: T

[2009-05-10 21:27:05] Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)

[2009-05-10 21:27:06] Connecting: source: THX

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